Download Game Chinese Food Kitchen: Home Noodles Maker Game

Chinese Food Kitchen: Home Noodles Maker Game

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October 7, 2019
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Welcome to Chinese food kitchen game! Do you like eating continental dishes? No worries Asian food shop is just few steps away. Now play this cookery game to start cooking tasty Chinese cuisine with friends and family. This Chinese food restaurant have a lot dishes in the cookbook menu to bake. This best cooking games for girls allow you to cook, bake and decorate dishes like hot & sour soup, Szechwan spring rolls, kung pao chicken and chow mein.Cooking Chinese food is fun as everyone likes to bake and make noodles, spaghetti and pasta making. All food recipes can be prepared in just few minutes following simple steps. Use kitchen accessories to prepare and mix your ingredients as per cookbook. Make the perfect batter and cook it well. You can also decorate ready dishes with lots of different toppings and side dishes. Trying new ethnic food is always fun for learning chef! it helps in improving cooking and food critic skills.Start improving your Chinese food making skills by becoming cookery expert, it is all too easy in the house kitchen with your mommy than becoming ultimate food truck specialist! With just the tap of your expert fingers you can whip up awesome delicious Chinese food dishes within a few minutes! Chinese food kitchen is easy to play for everyone. The complete game play is free and you can play it offline without Wi-Fi connection. Chinese Food Kitchen Cookbook Menu:1. Chow Mein2. Spring Roll3. Kung Pao ChickenChinese food Kitchen Game play:- Make kung pao chicken, chow min noodles and spring roll.- Tons of fresh and delicious vegetable & ingredients to cook- Learn how to bake Chinese foods recipe and other cooking techniques- Lots of cooking tools to make food instant being the pro chef & baker

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