Download Game Hippo's Nail Salon: Manicure for girls

Hippo's Nail Salon: Manicure for girls

Hippo Kids Games

August 19, 2019
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Hippo presents a new game from the series of games for girls, the game Hippo's Nail Salon. Would you like to try yourself as a professional stylist and get to know how to paint nails correctly, to make a stylish manicure and maybe you would like to know what is it a unique art design of nails? Then try to play the game Hippo's Nail Salon and create an art design of nails, which any princess would like!Stylish nails and a beautiful make up are important for girls. But if you make a stylish fragrant make up and a beautiful manicure, any photo or just an ordinary selfie will be unbelievably astonishing. But the real beauty of the manicure is not just a bright nail polish and all possible images on nails. An astonishing manicure is worth doing because of its uniqueness, the taste for art and original art of the nail master. To make a beautiful manicure, master should practice a lot and have a lot of manicure tools, a wide variety of nail polishes, stickers, sparkles and so on. Real beauty is a result of a hard work. And if you have everything to make stylish nails, where could you get a wide variety of manicure tools, nail polishes, stickers, sparkles and so on? All that you could find in the game Hippo's Manicure Salon! This game has everything to use your imagination in a full swing. There aren't any limits for your art! You could combine ready-made and create new astonishing images and patterns on the nails of clients. Use your imagination, and any princess will send selfies with your manicure to all her friends. And don't forget to take photo of your best work!And let's start! Nail salon is waiting for its new master! You are the super professional stylist, and you know for sure, how to polish nails correctly, make a fashion manicure and a unique art design of nails! To play the game Hippo's Nail Salon is a dream of any princess! Our educational games for girls will make you happy.

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