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Truth or Dare Dirty for Adults


October 9, 2019
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Mobile version of True or Dare is an interesting game for adults that will help you have fun with your friends. We have prepared more than 500 tasks with a spicy mark of 21+.Key features+ Handmade with love Tasks and Questions.+ 4 thematic packs for different situations: from light ones to hardcore sex cards for two. In the game settings, you can note the cards that will take part in the current game.+ Some questions and tasks are available only for boys or for girls. + In True or action 18+ there is a scoring system. For each completed action or response, players receive points. The results are calculated by the smartphone automatically. Unfortunately, the program can not recognize if you told the truth or a lie, so all the answers will be counted as true)Описание наборов 🎉 «For a Get-Together» – The lechery degree is quite low. 🍓This pack consists of a variety of playful and not lewd tasks. You can be sure that your party will be red-blooded but descent.☝️💑 «The First Date» – The lechery degree is medium.🍓🍓An excellent pack to have a look at the game. Easy questions and tasks at the beginning help you to get acquainted. After that some smuts will make your date unforgettable. 😉❤️ «For Lovebirds» – The lechery degree is medium.🍓🍓Not lewd, this pack is quite similar to The First Date. The main pecularity of this pack is that it is made for couples with long-term relationship, like married people, their family frinds and so on.😈 «Flirty-Dirty» – The lechery degree is high.🍓🍓🍓Its name speaks for itself. This pack will come in handy for close friends, crazy parties 🔥 and larky people.50 cards with tasks and questions available in the game for free. There is also an option to purchase more than 500 cards of truth or action (buy cards for a specific set) or arrange a monthly/weekly subscription.Disclaimer:Our company is not responsible for the consequences of the game and the problems created by the players. Players must complete tasks at their own risk. The tasks of the application do not pose any danger, however we are not responsible for the problems created by users on their devices and people nearby.

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