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April 2, 2020
Last Release

Register or sign in with your Kuehne + Nagel account to get your followed shipments synchro-nized between the App and our web portal. Access customer confidential information if your account is linked to the new Enterprise Visibility to see customer references, attached docu-ments and addresses.Also search within your preloaded shipment list with full text search.Generally use the app to search your shipments easily via known references or by scanning a barcode/QR code.Flag the shipment with the notification bell to prioritize the shipments and enable receiving push notifications on status updates. You will get informed once your goods were picked up, are in transit or are delivered. View the shipment details to see public available information on the searched transport.As soon as available the shipment details will also list the actual handover date which replaces the planned handover date.You can share shipment details with friends, colleagues and customers with a share function embedding the messengers installed on your smartphone.

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