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Best Quran App — 2019 (New) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

May 23, 2019
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Thanks for downloading Al Quran App for Android.Al Quran App is an application that make it possible to read and listen to the Holy Quran (القرآن الكريم) in Arabic and in different translations including quran in english, quran in spanish, coran en francais, quran in malay, quran in urdu, quran in Afrikaans. A phonetic transcription is also available in order to help non-Arabic-speaking people to read and learn the holy Quran Surahs.More than 120+ famous reciters are also available with different styles of recitation. Moreover, You can define a selection of Ayats (verses) to be repeated, and thus facilitate the Quran memorization process and to add them to the bookmarks section .Other options are available to make your learning of the holy Koran easy, as the ability to play automatically all the surahs or even to add favorites and notes.We wish you love Al Quran App.Here are some famous Quran ReciterSheikh Qari: Abdul Alhad KanakeriSheikh Qari: Abdul Bari al ToubaytiSheikh Qari: Abdul KabeerSheikh Qari: AbdulMojib BenkiraneSheikh Qari: AbdulWadod HanifSheikh Qari: Abdulaziz AlahmadSheikh Qari: Abdulaziz AzzahraniSheikh Qari: Abdulbari MohammadSheikh Qari: Abdulbari ThubaitySheikh Qari: Abdulbasit AbdulsamadSheikh Qari: Abdulhadi KanakeriSheikh Qari: Abdullah al JohanySheikh Qari: Abdullah al KandariSheikh Qari: Abdullah al MattrodSheikh Qari: Abdullah BasfarSheikh Qari: Abdullah KhayatSheikh Qari: Abdulmohsen AlqasimSheikh Qari: Abdulmohsin Al HarthySheikh Qari: Abdulmohsin ObaikanSheikh Qari: AbdulRahman SudaisSheikh Qari: Abdulrhman JuraidySheikh Qari: AbdurRashid SufiSheikh Qari: Abu Bakr Al-ShatriSheikh Qari: Adel Al-kalbaniSheikh Qari: Adel MuslimSheikh Qari: Adel RayanSheikh Qari: Adokali MohammadSheikh Qari: Ahmad Al HaddadSheikh Qari: Ahmed Al ‘ajamiSheikh Qari: Ahmed Al HawashySheikh Qari: Ahmed al TrabulsiSheikh Qari: Ahmed AmerSheikh Qari: Ahmed NeanaSheikh Qari: Ahmed SaberSheikh Qari: Akram AlaqmiSheikh Qari: Al KoshiSheikh Qari: Al zain MohammadSheikh Qari: Ali AlhuthaifiSheikh Qari: Ali Hajjaj AlsouasiSheikh Qari: Ali JaberSheikh Qari: Ayman AldeebSheikh Qari: Aziz AleleSheikh Qari: Bandar BalilahSheikh Qari: Basit TajwidSheikh Qari: Dawood HamzaSheikh Qari: Emad Zuhair Sheikh Qari: Fares AbbadSheikh Qari: Hani ar RifaiSheikh Qari: Hatem Farid AlwaerSheikh Qari: Husary TajwidSheikh Qari: Ibrahim al-AkhdarSheikh Qari: Ibrahim AldosariSheikh Qari: Idris AbkarSheikh Qari: Jamal Shaker Sheikh Qari: Jazza AlsuwailehSheikh Qari: Khalid AbdulkafiSheikh Qari: Khalid AbushadiSheikh Qari: Khalid Al JalilSheikh Qari: Khalid AlqahtaniSheikh Qari: Khalifah TonaeijySheikh Qari: Maher al MueaqlySheikh Qari: Maher ShakhasheroSheikh Qari: Mahmoud Ali AlbanaSheikh Qari: Mahmoud AlrifaiSheikh Qari: Mahmoud al-HusarySheikh Qari: Mahmoud EmadSheikh Qari: Minshawi Mo’llem Sheikh Qari: Mishary AlafasySheikh Qari: Mo’llem HusarySheikh Qari: Moeedh AlharthiSheikh Qari: Mohamad AbdulKarimSheikh Qari: Mohamad al-LohaidanSheikh Qari: Mohamad Al-MohisniSheikh Qari: Mohamad TablawiSheikh Qari: Mohamad KhanSheikh Qari: Mohamed Al-KantauiSheikh Qari: Mousa BilalSheikh Qari: Muftah al SaltanySheikh Qari: Muhamad al-MinshawiSheikh Qari: Muhamad AyoubSheikh Qari: Muhamad JibreelSheikh Qari: Mustafa al LahoniSheikh Qari: Mustafa IsmailSheikh Qari: Mustafa Rad ZawiSheikh Qari: Nabil ar RifaiSheikh Qari: Nasser al QatamiSheikh Qari: Omar al KazabriSheikh Qari: Saber AbdulhakamSheikh Qari: Sahl YaseenSheikh Qari: Salah al BudairSheikh Qari: Salah al NajjarSheikh Qari: Salah AlhashimSheikh Qari: Salah BukhatirSheikh Qari: Sayeed RamadanSheikh Qari: Shirazad TaherSheikh Qari: Tajwid MinshawiSheikh Qari: Tawfeeq as SayeghSheikh Qari: Wahid QasimiSheikh Qari: Yahya HawwaSheikh Qari: Yasin al JazairiSheikh Qari: Yasser al DosariSheikh Qari: Yosof NoohSheikh Qari: Zaki Daghistani

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