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Kunra Technologies

February 5, 2020
Last Release

व्यापार में पैसे कमाने के तरीकेव्यापार में परेशानी के व्यावारिक कठिनाइयों के साथ-साथ ज्योतिषिक परेशानी या दोष भी होता है. अगर किसी गृह का प्रभाव ग़लत हो या आपके घर, ऑफिस या दूकान में नकारात्मक ऊर्जा का प्रवेश हो जाए तो व्यापार और धंधे में हानि होने लगती है. यहाँ पर व्यापार में सफलता के उपाय दिए जा रहे हैं जो निश्चित ही आपको कारोबार में लाभ पहुचाएंगे|Features: Completely offline Completely free Completely Hindi Beautiful design About Kunra Technologies : Kunra Technologies is an effort to connect thepeople of country via technology. We are a team of tech geeks, who wantto bring change in the society using the technology. Kunra Technologiesis an effort from our side to give back to society. We are working hardto build apps on India’s traditional values, knowledge, culure,stories, history and many more topics which many of us has forgotten.India has a beautiful tradition which is wrapped with immense knowledgeand we want to take that knowledge to billions of indian using thesmartphone technology.Please support us by Give a Five Star Rating to App if You Like our hard WorkDisclaimer:All information gathered from the web. We do not express any Ownership of these information. In case if any of these information violated your copyright/ IP right to remove the discrepancy. please send us an e-mail at . We will respond this at earliest.

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