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الابداع الفكري

February 13, 2018
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Mail application features a unique art theory full project 'peace'. The application features elegantly design and smooth browsing, and the ability to search and change the font size.It also includes colorful pictures and illustrations including simulates the printed book design. "Peace" is an ambitious global project to help the individual access to psychological balance and peace sought by scientific and practical approach is built on the foundations of Islamic teachings and positive psychology and emotional intelligence.'Peace' project is based on the names of Allah, which draws them Emotional Intelligence skills important Salah individual lives and success.The beautiful names are divided into 12 groups by common patterns between names so that we can make the most of them benefit.The application 11 has a book written by Egyptian researcher -alkndah Yasmin Yusuf, a trained and specializes in training programs and human development researcher designed.For details on the peace project: http://salam4all.comCopyright and Distribution Company intellectual creativity: ReservedThe application was developed across the company "Book Zone" specialized in Electronic Publishing Solutions: http://kitabzone.comThe application includes: Book I: Your happiness Reviews What was done Humanities in relation to human wants and by seeking some happiness, connecting intersections between positive psychology and emotional intelligence religious teachings and reviews full curriculum and the general framework of the program "Peace" Book II: Treasure Beautiful Names Addresses foundations use names of Allah in relationship building God, and addresses first beautiful names groups; qualities Sultan Group, a cornerstone in building relationship with God, and understand us and understand identity should Ntsag withAlso it deals with recipes presence of God Group, those that help us to know our Creator more, and understand that He is beyond the limits of time and space and depth and all dimensions, and explore together the human application of those qualities Book III: confidence and balance Beautiful Names It addresses three sets of the most beautiful names groups; addresses recipes livelihoods recipes Pride and height recipes animal group. How you can take advantage of those qualities? The skills and abilities that provide us with? And how we apply in our lives? How we use to get to the psychological peace and better versions of ourselves? Book IV: Son your beautiful Names It addresses three sets of beautiful names groups; recipes are governance recipes positive control, recipes creativity. Three groups learn from them rational and positive initiative and innovation Book V: not alone, the Most Beautiful Names weapon It addresses the qualities of the support group and the qualities of self-renewal. These groups help the individual to overcome the crisis State and dealing with the challenges and the feeling of guilt due to personal mistakes sixth book: Control your own Names Most Beautiful You avenger, you nape, you mind, you mighty, you are fatal, you Kahar, you maliciously, how is it? The book addresses recipes corrective control used by a day set! The recipes addresses accounting group and accountability, and these attributes protects every individual achievements after his hard to activate all the skills draw from previous Beautiful Names groups Book VII: Who are you? Connects the most beautiful names Kallali sets in contract interdependent and explains relations between the groups and how to use them in the construction of an integrated system for life; to achieve peace, balance and win, God willing Book VIII: Be the best version of yourself Addresses the relationship with oneself, strong control, and dispose of the first misanthrope and is arrogance, gives the book a compelling and practical methods to reach sincerity, and in order to face God in all acts after winning the recycl Book IX: Nest good Covers the concept complacency which makes the psychological condition of emotional stability and calm regardless of what is happening around, book addresses scientific and religious foundations of the benefits of dissatisfaction and methods of accessSatisfaction with the latest applications and connects what came with the humanities Book X: Resist Resistance is the backbone of a good life determines what human endurance. The contrast to the Islamic concept is the concept of patience and jihadIt also deals with the scientific basis for the benefits of patience and methods applied and clear examples behaviors atheist th book: Ward yourself piety It addresses self protection concept piety, and deal with piety through practical approach detailed to guard the senses, heart, and prey. This is followed and to summarize the conclusion of each of the above in addition to many of the recommendations

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