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كتاب العرب وجهة نظر يابانية - نوبواكي نوتوهارا

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August 24, 2018
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A book written by the Japanese Arabist Nobuaki Notohara author says that forty years of experience continued the Arabic novel that prompted him to offer some thoughts and impressions of the Arab character, the author has introduced personal aspects of Arab and disadvantages as he understood it, study the Arab community. So Notohara confirms that the findings of the convictions and opinions were the result of self-experience and is not affected by the previous ideas and templates.Writer spent about forty years -To authored period of Ktab- researcher in Arabic language and literature. He lived in Egypt for another two in Syria have lived in the city and countryside and the desert. He spent nineteen years focused on Bedouin culture in Arab societies. In this book he touches on some of his observations with personal analysis of the Arab community and sensibility as a Japanese point of view.The book features- Easy search word or page number- The possibility of zoom in and out the line as needed- Index contains all the topics the book- The presence of tabs for pages- The high-speed transitions between pages and threads- Does not exist for ads against morality and religion- The possibility of resuming reading from the same page later

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