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August 6, 2019
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Dale Carnegie's People - How to win friends and Influence People is the most famous, best-selling and most influential book of all time. The work has been translated into most languages ​​in the world and is available in hundreds of countries.This is the only book about the best-selling Books category of best-selling Books that The New York Times has voted for 10 years. The English version of the book alone has sold more than 15 million copies worldwide. The work has a tremendous spread - no matter where you go, any country can see it. The work is rated as the first and best, influential book that changes the lives of millions of people around the world.No longer the concept of limitation, Dac Nhan Tam is the art of capturing people's hearts, making everyone love them. The heart and soul and the talent in each of us. Dac Nhan Tam in that sense needs to be attained by understanding oneself, being honest with oneself, understanding and caring about the people around to see and evoke the hidden potential in them, helping them develop to a new level. This is the highest art of humanity and is the deepest meaning of Dale Carnegie golden principles.The book Mind Center is the "first and best book of all time about the art of communication and behavior", the book has brought success and happiness to millions of people around the world.Dac Nhan Tam is a bedside book about human behavior.2. HIGHLIGHTS FUNCTIONS OF THE APPLICATION- Full screen reader- Day-night reading mode- Automatically save reading position => easy to read next time- Many optional font fronts- Can customize the font size suitable for reading- Can be used offline- Completely free - free... and some other functions3. BOOK - a collection of other good books.- How much is the youth?- Despite the galaxy - Living like Japanese people- Flat World- Thinking fast and slow- Khéo says he will get people- I study by myself- If I knew when I was 20- Mastering thinking - Changing destiny- Awaken the extraordinary person in you- Looking for life- Power of habit- German people teach their children to control themselves- Behave like a woman - Think like a man- Extremely cruel love- Flirt with anyone- Tony morning - On the runway- Understand about the heart- Crowd psychology- Dac Nhan Tam- Law of attraction: Supreme secret- Win the demon in you- Awaken the purpose of life- How to Stop Worrying and Start Living- Poor father and father- When the breath turns out- 13 principles of wealth and wealth- Secrets of millionaire thinking- Dare to think big- Dare to fail- Differences or die... and many other good booksWish you a happy reading, health and success!

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