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December 31, 2019
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Ordboksappen reflects the content of the Swedish Dictionary published by the Swedish Academy, which came out in print in 2009. The dictionary provides a detailed description of the general vocabulary of modern Swedish. The emphasis is on the meaning of words and use in combination with historical data.The app is based on the lexical database developed and further developed at the Department of Swedish, University of Gothenburg. It includes:• 65 000 entries with detailed descriptions significance• 100,000 linguistic examples and 5000 idioms• pronunciation data and recorded pronunciations• information on the part of speech and inflection, ordled and word formation• information about the Order's style and bruklighet• specific construction tasks• dating of more than 70 000 words and meanings (from before the 1000's to 2000's)• etymologies of approximately 28 000 words and meanings• famous quotes pertaining to individual articles• style squares, ie comments on language accuracy.The app allows you to search the Order's basic forms and in a wide range of curved shapes. Thanks to a spelling help, you will find up to a dictionary words, even if you are not sure how it's spelled. You can search for parts of dictionary words. It is also possible to search the multi-word expressions, for example, throw in the towel ('surrender'). From the links in the dictionary articles, you can also navigate the dictionary and come from one article to another. Finally you can hear how words are pronounced, if you are connected to the Internet.The app is developed by Isolve AB in cooperation with the Dictionary editorial team at the Department of Swedish, University of Gothenburg. Spelling aid is based on algorithms from Oribi AB.

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