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Backgammon Mighty

Tough Pixels

March 19, 2020
Last Release

Backgammon Mighty is a challenging backgammon game which you play in a highly realistic 3D environment against a strong AI, you can play online or offline without internet connection.• Play against a smart and tough opponent• Earn points by winning singleplayer games• Play offline without active internet connection• Opponent resigns when he thinks you are the winner• You can resign if you do not want to play till the last piece • Ability to set level of difficulty• Ability to specify number of games to play• You can play as a guest if you do not want to compete online• Random dice rolls, no cheating.• Beautiful 3D graphics with smooth animations• Ability to change the direction of move• Undo your last move• Move aid; highlighting the available moves & snapping onto closest slot• Suitable for tablets and phones• Best of all; it is free!Backgammon Mighty challenges you!

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