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Komodo 10 Chess Engine

November 27, 2017
Last Release

Komodo 10 is the latest release of this prize-winning chess engine. Komodo 10 is an improvement over all previous Komodo versions and supports multi-core processors (32- and 64-bit) and endgame tablebases. BEFORE YOU PURCHASE: NOTE THAT KOMODO 10 FOR ANDROID REQUIRES A CHESS GUI (for recommendations, see below). THIS INSTALLER PROVIDES THE KOMODO ENGINE IN CHESSBASE & OPEN EXCHANGE FORMAT ONLY.AFTER PURCHASING: Verify your license by running the installed app once before using Komodo.Additional documentation is available at .Komodo has won highly respected engine tournaments such as TCEC and CCT. On desktop computers, Komodo 10 is approximately +50 Elo stronger than Komodo 9 on one core according to the independent IPON test as well as our own internal testing, with the gain increasing with more cores, to about 60 Elo on 4 cores based on our own tests. Komodo 10 is expected to obtain the top rating on the majority of the best-known chess engine rating lists. Previous versions of Komodo have won highly respected engine tournaments such as TCEC and CCT.Key features of Komodo 10: - Evaluation developed by a Grandmaster - Multi-core support (up to 64 cores) - Syzygy endgame tablebase supportWhat's new in Komodo 10: - Evaluation improvements  - better assessment of mobility/activity  - improved handling of drawish positions  - improved understanding of attacks on the king - Improved search performance (much better time-to-depth) - Chess 960 (Fischer Random Chess) support (please note that, at this time, only one GUI ("Chess", see below) supports Chess960) - Persistent Hash: save and restore analysis - Over 100 other improvements throughout the softwareRecommended chess GUIs include:• Chess for Android (free, )• Chess PGN Master (commercial, trial available, )• ChessBase Online (commercial, )• Analyze This (commercial, )• Scid on the Go (free, )• DroidFish Chess (free, )• Hawk Chess (commercial, trial available, )• Chess (free, supports Chess960, )For more information, please visit the Komodo Chess web site at .

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