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Chess PGN Master

Gerhard Kalab

April 3, 2020
Last Release

This is the trial version of Chess PGN Master, a learning and study tool for chess amateurs and professionals alike. In order to improve in chess, apart from playing lots of games, it is essential to* study chess games from masters and to try to understand why the moves were played* study endgame positions* gain a basic knowledge of the openings you playChess PGN Master helps you with these tasks by making it easy to* review chess games* enter your own games and blunder check them* analyze games with a strong chess engine* play positions against a chess engineand it can do a lot more!The trial version allows you to view:- the first 20 games of a PGN filePlease buy the pro key to remove restrictions and to enable saving changed games:* Easy navigation (tap on left or right side of the board to move the pieces)* Analyze games with the integrated analysis engine (output limited to one move in trial version) - start with menu - Analyisis start/stop* Add more UCI chess engines for analysis (e.g. use the engines distributed with Chessbase)* Color squares (right menu Display - Show coloring buttons) and draw colored arrows - tap or drag on the board after selecting a color* Chess960 support (to castle select your King first, then your Rook you want to castle with)* Cloud support (Google Drive, Nextcloud, Seafile)* Autoplay (automatically move the pieces, time between moves can be set in settings)* Live update of games (a PGN file from the web which is updated will automatically be reloaded once a minute)* includes a PGN file with 6 annotated games from "Chess Fundamentals" by former world champion José Raúl Capablanca* Blunder check* Supports many languages (e.g. Russian, Chinese) in annotations (see Preferences - Set encoding)* Share games with other programs, share from Chessbase Online* Can read Scid database files if "Scid on the go" is installed* Support for chess engines in open exchange format like Komodo or Texel

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