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Succubus Poker

지나주 (JINAJU)

December 5, 2018
Last Release

10 ghost girls are anxious for your energy.Catch their heart with your 5 poker playing.** 5 poker rules? **Yes, poker hand ranks is difficult to remember.But don't worry. Jin will choose and teach you at the beginning.Just make pairs for number and shape.** Easy, super easy! **No matter whether you know 5 poker rules or not.Just click only 1 button. That's all you need to do for playing.** No pressure of purchasing **There are no items in Succubus Poker. All you need is just energy.And the energy will be recharged automatically as time goes on.** No manipulation of card **The first 2 stages - tutorial - will be progressed with pre-programmed card deck.All the card deck is shuffled by random after tutorial, I promise!

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