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Ludo Game : Super Ludo

JetSynthesys Inc

March 13, 2020
Last Release

Super Ludo LIVE is a fun and innovative board game, that is filled with lots of surprises and elements on your board. Play live social challenges with friends, family and players around the world. Discover top players, chat live, taunt and beat your opponents with your own pro custom dice! It’s time to discover the fun!Chat & Interact LIVEEnjoy live chat with opponents using and engage in fun conversations while playing Super Ludo. Use funny emojis, taunts and laugh your way to victory in this fun-filled game.Host a Ludo Party!!Double down on fun with private and offline mode. Gather your friends and play the Ludo Live whichever way you like it. Party Live with Super Ludo Live.Introducing LIVE Gameplay with Special Blocks!Discover new special blocks that change the way you enjoy Classic Ludo. Teleport, move forward or backwards, get bonus rolls and out-smart players with your strategy as you unlock exciting boards along your journey in Super Ludo Live.A 3D WorldPlay Ludo Live in beautiful landscapes from around the world. Show-off awesome 3D dice and tease your friends with chats and emojis. Collect all the super cool 3D dices including superhero dices. Gotta collect them all!!Unique and Faster BoardsPlay on the fastest Ludo board in the world! Discover all the unique boards that are fast, engaging and fun. Challenge yourself and get your friends to an epic match.Super LIVE ChallengesPlay Super Ludo Live like a pro, participate in LIVE social challenges to become the Super Ludo Live Champion and win exceptional bonuses.Ludo game exists with different name variations like Pachisi (Original name), Parchís (Spanish), Parxís (Catalan), Parqués (Colombia), six mi Ludo (Ghana), Cờ cá ngựa (Vietnam). In France it is called "Petits Chevaux" (Little Horses) or "Le Jeu de Dada" (The Game of Dada). Other language variations include लूडो, برسي,Begin the saga of Super Ludo Live like a king and clash with your opponents to go up the ladder of victory.Permissions Required:*READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Ad Network Permission*WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Ad Network Permission*READ_PHONE_STATE - This permission is needed to show suitable ad content for the targeted user for better ad experience

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