Download App Gaseta: com qual combustível compensa abastecer?

Gaseta: com qual combustível compensa abastecer?


November 12, 2019
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Alcohol, or also known as ethanol, has only 70% autonomy over gasoline, but it pollutes the atmosphere less and conserves the car's engine better.Gasoline has better autonomy but its value is always more expensive than alcohol, polluting the atmosphere more and not providing so many benefits to the car engine.The cost benefit between them always leaves us in doubt when we are at the gas station fueling our flex car, doesn't it?To find out which fuel pays off most when refueling your vehicle we can use this 70% ratio between gasoline and alcohol values ​​to make a better decision and save some dollars.If the value of alcohol is less than 70% of the value of gasoline, then it pays more to fill with alcohol, if not more fueling with gasoline.You can also enter gasoline and alcohol averages for your car, so you'll have a more accurate ratio when calculating which fuel pays off the most.Hurry up, install this app right now and start saving money by spending less on your own.

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