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January 26, 2020
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This app is fast and easy way to explore CRT Partner multi-brand network of fuel stations and online help for drivers on the road.App features: - all CRT Partner network stations in one place - filter fuel stations by country, fuel station brand, card type and range - plan your route with CRT Partner network fuel stations - see the nearest fuel stations - save your favorite fuel stations - make payment for refueling using this app - see your limits while transaction is processing - see your transaction history - see assigned routes by your managerA Game - Changing solution for Transport companies! If you want… To make cardless payments for refueling, you need to authorize within CRT Partner app. Get username and password from your CRT Partner manager beforehand.The app is available in English, Russian, Polish and Lithuanian.More information about CRT Partner services can be found at you have any questions, let us know by!CRT Partner - with Care Respect Trust

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