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Amazzing Animator - создать анимацию mp4.


September 19, 2018
Last Release

This is not a game! This is an animation editor!We do not recommend downloading if you are under 16 years old.To understand how it works you need to watch video tutorials and understand.With the help of the animator you can:- create a frame animation;- make a cartoon;- make a screensaver for YouTube videos;- create a beautiful slideshow;- make an animated photo collage;- create a video presentation and much more.  Simply upload photos and pictures from the device or from the Internet to the application, cut out the necessary parts from them, arrange them in frames, create movements, set effects and transitions. Then export to mp4 and share with friends!  There are detailed video instructions describing each button, help and help mode instead of an action.  It is possible to fold a character from pieces into a frame and make frame-by-frame animation.  Tools work with frames. Copy, paste, automatic selection options.  Set the number of repetitions.Frames with automatic animation, effects and transitions.  Tools accurately adjust the position of images in the frame, scale, rotation and transparency.  Adjust the pitch of the tools.    Creating a new image-resource by bringing all the layers of the frame on a transparent background or background of the film.  Built-in preview of the entire cartoon or selected frames.  Export to mp4 all or selected frames.  Opening, saving projects.  Undo and redo actions.  The application will unpack several sample projects during installation.  There is a built-in image editor:  - Delete the background manually and automatically.  - Change the size of photos and pictures  - Crop photo  - Rotate photo  - Paint  - Save photos as jpg and png.  - Replace the image from the animation to another in all frames.Purchases:  - disable advertising banners at the bottom of the animator and image editor;- the ability to make videos without the application logo or create a video with your logo.  Becoming an animator is easy! Watch video tutorials and create animations, video cards, video screensavers, cartoons, live applications, memes, presentations, jokes and anything else with Amazzing Animator!

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