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Rocka Munnen

December 13, 2018
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Play and create your own scenshow to watch when brushing your teeth! Rocking The mouth from Folktandvården contains games and hours and makes the toothbrush more fun for both children and parents.With challenges and rewards, the Swedish Public Health Service wants to make all children better toothbrushes. The app consists of two parts, an interactive play mode and a concert mode with video and timer included during the toothbrush.Rocking your mouth is free to download and play. Promotional and no purchase inside the app.PLAY ROCK THE MOUTHCollect the band, choose music style and play live! But before the concert you have to meet the challenges and collect points to buy the right instruments, cool clothes and choose the scene.Move forward on the track by skipping or slipping under sugar traps and other obstacles. The toothpicks you catch along the way are used to unlock new features and to choose the look of your band. The more you play the more stuff you get access to!CREATE YOUR BAND AND SELECT APPEARANCEBoast your characters with the points you've collected! Determine which outfits, instruments and hairstyles band members should have and choose between three different music styles. Before concert and toothbrush you have to choose which scene and decor that suits your band and practice the Rocka Munnen song properly! When you are satisfied with the music, we start recording the concert when your own cool band appears.Look at the video and brushed teeth1-2-3-4, now we rock our mouth! The song and video from the concert is perfect brush time. For two minutes, the game will work as a timer while the band itself is playing. On the screen, the text scrolls to the toothbrush and you can easily hang on to where the toothbrush should be to keep all teeth in the right order before the concert is over.

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