Download Game Granny Guide (Game Guide & Walkthrough)

Granny Guide (Game Guide & Walkthrough)

Kids Corner Games

August 28, 2019
Last Release

**No copyright infringement is intended** **This is a guide not the game**Fan made guide to help others out.Packed with a full guide to help those that are stuck.We have some granny cheats within the app that may make the gameplayunpredictable.We also have a list of items and where to find them.Garage/car & Yard area included with the guide.We will show you where to find items like :Where to find the Barrelwhere to find the meatWhere to find engine parts for the car.There`s a small guide on how to play granny games for the new playerswith quick tips on how to do stuff.We have 5 walkthrough on how to beat granny game,Each with its own steps different from the last. There`s another section for "Glitches" or "Cheats" as some people call them.The granny cheats are listed here are for entertainment only.we are not the creator of cheats or glitches for granny.Granny update section is also included for information on previous versions released.The Original game "Granny" or scary granny what this guide is made for.Its a free game with some jumpscares !!strategy games like this are awesome but sometimes you may need some help.You start being locked inside her house (Could do with some room service) :Dthen you have 5 days to make your escape.Its one of them free games to play while your bored or could do with a challenge and a scare !!**Change In App Colour**Updated to recent V1.7 !!**Full guide**Glitches/Cheats**Easy way to beat the game**Updates**Item Spawning listMassive Shout Out To All The Granny Fans :-)Any suggestions are welcome from The Game Devs or playersHave Fun

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