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finger cutter slayer

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February 4, 2015
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finger cutter slayer is most stupid scary realtime game.The goal of this game to enjoy fear by playing with falling blade, cutter, spike, saw etc. finger cutter slayer game is for 18+ gamers and it requires Higher Maturity, because has some blood effects.Here we use fingure . The blade is then released, to fall swiftly and slayer the the finger from the hand.Here In f finger cutter slayer Game we offer different 5 kind of gameplay to scare yourself and your friend:- Different 5 mode(levels) are as below - GUILLITION MODE - HALLOOWEEN MODE - SPOOKY MODE - SAWING MODE - DEVIL MODEHow to Play this game :- :- 1st put your Fingure in half circle :- Then Countdown will be started from " Three-3 Two-2 One-1 AND GO ".:- Avoid Sharp Blade, cutter, spike, saw etc:- Release your fingure before blade will be on it. finger cutter slayer has realistic sound effects, and also blood effects. finger cutter slayer game offers Leaderboard so You can beat your friend's score, also you can invite your friends using your own social network. It also offers inapp purchases.It has a limited Period Offer that, You can unlock all the levels & remove ads by just $0.99.You can unlock each level by $0.99 each.Like us on Facebook : us on Twitter :

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