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Nyan Cat: Jump!

isTom Games

December 14, 2012
Last Release

A game developed by the creators of NYAN CAT: Lost In Space, the most successful NYAN CAT game on Google Play Store! It is completely FREE without any game mode or playtime limitations!The rainbow of NYAN CAT has been stolen by the evil mastermind, TAC NAYN... Your mission is to help NYAN CAT to collect the stars in all 7 colors of rainbow to make him fly in the skies again! But be careful, TAC NAYN is always watching...Key Features:- Gorgeous graphics- 15+ types of different platforms (twister, teleport, switches, moving, breakable and more with each update)- Wings that can save your life- TAC NAYN, the arch enemy- Randomly generated levels- NYAT CAT skins and background themes- Helps developing fine motor skills- No blood, no violence, cuteness overload- Scoreloop support - global leaderboard- Facebook support - post your high scores to FB

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