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Jungle adventures hats secret worlds

Liquid Pinapples

March 23, 2020
Last Release

Jungle adventures hats secret worlds is an adventure game for our hero "Hat", filled with secrets and surprises.Jump, run, climb; shoot enemies with a lots of action and fun, find secret areas and collect super trigger gems. The game is suitable for all ages.The game is still not finished, and working hard to complete all of the levels and themes, so stay tuned.The game features : 1. Great graphics.2. Cool music.3. Ability to double jump, and cling, slide on walls.4. Almost 40 levels, way much more to come.5. Suitable for all ages.6. More that 15 monsters, and obstacles.7. Each level contains 1 or more secret areas, find then and get more rewards.Will feature: 1. Boss fights.2. More themes.3. More monsters and monsters behaviors.Please comment and send us feedback, we are listening to our users.

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