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Western Cowboy - Horse Racing

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October 31, 2016
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In Wild West there are no rules for gunslingers!You are the most wanted bank robber of the city and there is reward of one hundred dollars for your capture! All Western cowboys and sheriffs are searching for you!You have no fear for your safety nor for the local authority. So, as every day, you get on your horse and start racing through the city against every cowboy that wants to catch you: You always say that living without emotions will be too boring! Start riding with your horse in this funny game full of greedy Western cowboys that want to capture you to receive their reward!Luckily you have one of the best horses:- Select one of the horses you want to ride with in this extreme race full of cowboys trying to catch you!- When you start the race the time will be counted: You have to be fast to reach the checkpoints on time in this cowboy game- Incredible realistic graphics that will immerse you in this addictive horse racing games in the Wild West. - Dodge all the cowboys you find on your way and improve your skills- Intuitive mobile control for all skill levels: You just need to tap on the screen to accelerate or slow down your horse- This horses games are appropriate for children and adults- Funny horse races compatible with every mobile deviceTake this racing game seriously: Your life depends on it! Are you ready for these amazing races?Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:

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