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Caveman Survival


November 26, 2019
Last Release

Caveman Survival is an adventure game, suitable for all ages and suitable for children. For those who are tired of the heavy game is recommended to play as you will enjoy and feel comfortable to play this game. You just have to combine your skills and control buttons and follow your instincts. Control button can be seen not intuitive at first, but once you get through the first level, you will be in full control. It is a cool game! It is a free game! Caveman Survival easy to control but also super addictive, measure the distance before you jump and take your attention away at the barriers.What you need to do is, you have to help the Caveman to find and collect all the food that was hidden in the jungle, because he had run out of food supplies. Food is used for the preparation of the upcoming winter. You have to help him overcome all the obstacles in the jungle and defeat enemies that block the way. Hunting for food is full of surprises. Just follow your instincts. Do not give up if you fall. In addition you will also need to help the Caveman to fight all the enemies especially snake, bats and spiders in the jungle who are willing to do anything to stop you from looking for all meals. Beware of traps which have inland forests because it can hurt him. The final shot, you have to help the caveman beat the boss (gorilla) that will prevent him to bring back food that was collected.How to playThere are a number of buttons you need to control. button to jump, beat, down, left and right buttons. All the control buttons are situated and very maneuverable. You will feel happy and relaxed when you operate the control buttons.We hope you enjoy the game.Games include:# 5 levels# Easy and fun to play# Smooth User Interface# Phone and tablet support# Play for all ages# Game Totally freeSo enjoy this game. More levels, worlds, enemies, characters and more features coming soon ...

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