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Banana Adventure Rush

iLife Dev

October 28, 2019
Last Release

Once upon a time.A baby monkey was born destined to become a jungle king. But before that, a jungle elder wanted to see his wisdom. This little monkey king will go through the lost city to collect the gold. It is a 'magic kingdom' heritage that brings glory to all dwellers of the jungle. Even though this magical star is hard to find, this adventure island is full of bananas 🍌. Monkey Kong loves bananas very much, because bananas are very soft and sweet.Enter an action-packed adventure, filled with dangerous obstacles and enemies. From birds and bats in the air, caterpillars and snails on land, to underwater killer sharks, and much more. This is an adventure time that will impress everyone.How to play:🎮 Control of the game is very easy and roomy. All can be done like walking, running, jumping, climbing, diving, and attacking the enemy.🎮 Each level has 3 hidden stars that must be achieved. Remember this is the most important thing in the game.🎮 Find the exit to win the game.

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