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Cops N Robbers: Pixel Prison Games 1


December 19, 2019
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"Cops N Robbers (Jail Break Mode)" - the famous mini game is coming to Googleplay now!***Features*** # Huge map - "West Prison", "Pirate Ship": Cell, Showers, Mess Hall, Escape Maze, Library, Secret Passage, Roof. # High quality graphics: Light setting in scene & Pixel scene modeling & Character modeling… # Sound effect: different place with different sound effect. # UI Setting: comfortable control & comfortable visual effects. # Multiplayer: Worldwide Multiplayer support!# Props: Labber, Valve, Sword, Bow, Sticks... # Rich&Funny Character animations. # "Honor Rules": cheat & cheated! ***Worldwide Multiplayer*** # 5 server regions setting: GLOBAL/EU/US/JP/ASIA, choose the nearby&best region to start game. # Max players support: 8 players.(1 cop & other all robbers) # Round time setting: 15-60 minutes. # Chat system: chat with other players(you can choose close or open chat panel) ***How to play: rules*** # There's a cop & other all robbers. # Cop tell robbers what he should do: go to the mess hall to eat & go to the showers & go to the library... # Robbers must obey and do what the cop says, or be punished! # Robber's mission: Compliance & Betrayal(find the way to escape & win for every robber) # Cops's mission: Wait for the limited time pass, then cop is the winner!

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