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March 14, 2020
Last Release

Get ready to explore the wondrous world of Nanables, where you can create your world, your way! This dazzling land is made up of tiny houses, inhabited by the cute, stylish, and even more tiny, Nanables!Start your Nanables journey in either Rainbow Way or Sweetness Town. In Rainbow Way, you can get a gorgeous new hair-do at the Sparkle Day Spa, win some mula at the Make it Rain-bow Arcade, then watch the stars at the Twinkle Twinkle Inn! Follow your (sweetest) dreams in Sweetness Town! Here you can deliver cookies to hungry Nanables, make deliciously magical cupcakes, and go for a relaxing paddle ride on a milky river! Unlock the entire captivating world by scanning in different Nanables houses, using the incredible Augmented Reality (AR) feature. Every house you scan unlocks new games and activities! Just line up your device’s camera with the Nanables house using the on-screen guide, and watch the magic unfold before your eyes! There are tons of fun activities to do, awesome games to play, and an entire mesmerizing world to explore- and it’s only getting bigger! So peek into the spectacular world of Nanables today! Features:Free to playNo In-App PurchasesAugmented Reality (AR) tool scans your Nanables house into the App to bring it to life!2 magical worlds to explore: Rainbow Way and Sweetness Town12 exciting and mesmerizing Nanables houses to visit and discover, with more to come!24 adorable Nanos to talk to and play with, with more to come!Many fun, interactive games and activities, both in the Nanables houses and throughout the worldsEarn NanaGold to “buy” fun and useful Tools and DecorationsHidden activities and rewards. Unlock these when you buy and scan new houses!

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