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I Am Monster: Idle Destruction

January 14, 2020
Last Release

Grow big… SMASH BIGGERBecome a powerful monster a dominate a cityscape in I AM MONSTER.You’re a giant monster stranded in a strange city. Your only objective? DESTROY as much stuff as possible! Wreak havoc and rampage your way through a colorful world.SMASH. GROW. SMASH MORE.It’s simple. The more you smash the more you grow! Evolve your monsters to gain new abilities, expand to gigantic sizes, and become the most powerful monster EVER SEEN!I Am Monster features:CUSTOM COLLECTIBLE MONSTERS• Build the ultimate monster squad!• 12 fully realized and unique monsters to collect and upgrade• Collect rare monster materials and use them to evolve and grow each individual monster• Evolved monsters are larger, have new skills, and do more damage!AN IMMERSIVE 3D WORLD• Reach new areas by smashing your way through obstructions – and buildings!• Leave a permanent path of destruction in your wake!• Romp and stomp around a beautiful vibrant world – for you to DESTROY!• High-quality 3D world for super-satisfying destruction!I Am Monster is free to play but offers some game items for purchase with real money.We love to hear from our players! On Twitter? Drop us a line @PikPokGames and join the conversation with #IAmMonster

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